Friday, August 22, 2014

First Post!

Hey everybody. I have been getting some requests to start my own personal blog outside of Dark Guardian Blazerine. I'm not exactly sure what to post on here about myself, but... I would like to mention somebody I came across on A quadriplegic gamer who goes by the name of NoHandsKen. He's probably the nicest gamer on Twitch I have ever met. He actually plays games with his viewers. I got a chance to play Heroes of the Storm with him. It was pretty fun ;D

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  1. When I first experienced the words of Tiffany Adkins, it was through various poems that I cycled through to get a feel for the mindset of the writer. Blown away by the amount of depth her poems went into, I found myself wanting to go deeper into what and where these thoughts, words, and expressions came from. Learning that Tiffany was working on a book titled Dark Guardian Blazerine, I began reading the story, but doing so in an unusual way. Normally, I find myself not entirely caring for the actual back story of side characters, but as I read, I found that understanding them was more important than I realized. Tiffany's blog allowed her reader to access a detailed section describing the characters within her book in a manner that isn't just a " this" style like most are. Within her descriptions were small stories in itself. I literally wanted to read a book about each specific character after I read their descriptions. What Tiffany does to wrap you into their stories is special. Teasing you with certain details and then giving more on others. It's a brilliant way to get you to want to know more without boring you with useless information. Onto the story itself. Written in a form that flows well, I did find myself engaged immediately in the atmosphere. I could breathe the air, hear the sounds thanks to the descriptive nature of the author. I am a huge fan of leaving no detail out when it comes to every scene and Tiffany delivers that beautifully. Now in order to keep this spoiler free since I haven't read the entire book, I will state the things I absolutely love about the book so far and the things I hope to see occur. Dialogue between characters is very real. I can picture myself next to them as they converse and follow along perfectly. Getting me to emotionally connect with not just the characters, but the world itself was expertly done within the first 10 pages. That is something not many books do. What I do hope to see coming is a bit of a twist that completely shatters every predictable outcome the reader thinks they see coming. What I mean is the risk of giving the reader the respect to understand that whatever the writer delivers to us in the final chapters, we have the intelligence enough to understand and appreciate. Quite frankly, I have read quite a few books written by non-published authors and 9 times out of 10 I give an immediate two thumbs down due to an over-saturated story line, underwhelming characters, or just bad writing all together. Tiffany breaks free of this stereotype with flying colors and I truthfully hope more is yet to come from this amazing writer.