Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Suppose to vent instead of internalizing. So here we go. I was outside taking a video of cats who always follow me. A cop parks down the street and flags me over. And asked if I know anybody named Jerrry.  I was like uhhh I don't think so. Then he asked if I lived here. I said yeah. Then he asked if my parents own a gun.  I said yea again.  He tells me to get in the back of his car.
Then he asked me if anybody in my family has been suicidal before. I was like....yeah. Right after I see my brother walk out of the house. He asked do you know who that is. I replied yeah that's my brother Jeremy.Then he radios in and said I got the sister in the back grab him. Five cops out of nowhere swarm my brother. He said he got a call in this area from somebody saying they were gonna kill themselves with their parents gun. Yeah, that's how my day went yesterday. ~__~ 

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